Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I wouldn't call myself a Tolkien aficionado, but I do enjoy The Lord of the Rings. When I first heard about the Hobbit movies, I was skeptical. "Really? Three parts? It's a 300 page children's book!" I can't really say if Peter Jackson made the right decision regarding the overall length of the film trilogy, but I can say that I very much enjoyed An Unexpected Journey.

After his success with The Lord of the Rings, Jackson appears to be using the same strategy for The Hobbit. The New Zealand scenery is beautiful, the costumes are fantastic, and the action is epic.

The Hobbit has so many great themes in it to begin with. There's Bilbo, the reluctant everyday hero, who gives up the safety and comfort of his home for a dangerous, but noble adventure. Everyone must make sacrifices in order to achieve anything. And it's Bilbo, not Gandalf, that the story is really about. The little guy (in both height and importance) becomes the hero.

Although some might find flaws in this film's loyalty to the book, I thought it was an excellent fantasy that maintained the important themes embedded in the book's plot. I'm sure most geeks have already seen this, but I'd recommend it to non-geeks as well. This film in particular is a great introduction to the entire Lord of the Rings series.

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