Friday, August 19, 2011

The Lower 48 - Everywhere To Go

The opening track to this folk-rock EP, "Transmisson Pt. 1," begins with a single acoustic guitar. It slowly builds adding two vocalists, a second guitar, a little piano and violin before breaking back down again. "Sunshine on the moon makes me wonder what it's like back home." This song is the perfect start to an EP about traveling.
"Mama's Eye" showcases Sarah Parson's cool, calm style of singing as she tells a story of dreaming to leave home and fly away. The viola is dramatic in a way that only classical instruments can be. 
There are more wonderful vocals on "Bedroom," a bit of a downer about the sorrowful thoughts that can be had while lying awake in bed.  
"Miles From Minnesota" is one of my favorite songs right now and definitely the highlight of the album. It's a fast-talking duet about a couple planning the trip of their dreams. It's also the title track to this fine disc. The two singers, although very different in style, sound very awesome next to each other. They don't have to be the same to be a great match (kind of like relationships, the subject of the song.) 
This seamlessly transitions into "Transmission Pt. 2" which contains the lyric "Don't stop the car." I don't know if that car actually stopped but I know my CD did, against my will. This came out in 2009 but I want to hear some more NOW. According to their facebook page, a new album is in the works. Until then, "Everywhere To Go" is out now on Grape Juice Records. A great road trip album, you can listen to it everywhere you go.

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