Monday, January 10, 2011


Weezer gets a lot of crap from their old fans these days. I don't want to stereotype - they're still a very popular band and have many old fans - but a large portion of their fans have been upset with the band's sound in recent years. Many fans claim that they have sold out and don't have the same sound that they used to. 
1) They may have sold out just a wee-bit. But not much!
2) If a band keeps the same sound every album, the audience will expect it and stop buying the albums.
Take a look at Wilco. They aren't quite the alt-country band they were when Uncle Tupelo broke up. Bands have to change to survive.
The new Weezer album, Hurley, is all new material. The first track "Memories" is very upbeat but has lyrics that long for the past. Perhaps a past where their fans were more appreciative of them? The more I listen to the album, the more it seems like it could be about the fans. In the dark "Unspoken" Cuomo says he's "dreaming of a chance to make it right." Sure, it could be about a personal relationship but what's more personal than writing songs for thousands of people to hear?
It seems to me that Weezer is trying to gain that portion of their fans back. I can't see why some listeners are upset about Weezer. Sure, there was a rap song on "Raditude" and okay maybe "Pork and Beans" sounded too much like pop music, but shouldn't we try and trust the band that we loved so much in 1994? 
Fan politics aside, Hurley is a dark album with many interesting song structures and lyrics. It is not their best but it is certainly not their worst. Definitely good for a few pissed-off rock songs.

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